Hello and welcome to the rules pack for League of Heroes being held at X Level Hobbies. This package will cover everything you need to know on what this event is and how to get involved. 


League of Heroes is all about having great time, playing the game we all love and meeting new players. For getting the basic out of the way, here’s what you will need:

  • 2000-point army for Warhammer 40,000.
  • A typed army list.
  • Gaming materials (Tape measure, dice, templates, movement trays)
  • A copy of your Codex and the Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook
  • Access to internet or a phone to be able to schedule your league games.
  • Purchase a Ticket HERE



In games the size and complexity of ours there are bound to be occasions where a situation is not covered by the rules or you can’t seem to find the right page. Even if you know the rule, sometimes it just a really close call and players don’t agree on the precise outcome. Nobody wants to waste valuable gaming time on arguing, so be prepared to interpret a rule or come up with a suitable solution for yourselves (in a gentlemanly fashion of course). It is important to remember that the rules are just a framework for an enjoyable game and winning is less important than making sure both players have a good time.



1) All models must be fully built citadel miniatures. Any scratch built/ conversions using non citadel parts must be pre-approved before the first league day. You must bring in the models in question to be viewed by a league official. Unapproved models cannot be used.

 2) WYSIWYG- What you see is what you get. No proxying is allowed, all wargear, weapons and equipment that is nonstandard must be represented on the model.

 3) You are responsible for bringing your own gaming supplies (Tape measure, dice, and templates). The store will not provide these gaming supplies.

 4) The Registration date ends 02/12/2021(Thursday). Army List and contact information must be submitted by no later than 11:59pm on the date stated above.



1) The first league day is 2021.12.04 (Saturday). The league will run until 2021.01.15 (Saturday) . In the event tie-breaker games need to be played, the league will be extended an additional week to resolve tied scores.


2) League games can be played at any time at X Level Hobbies or a location that you and your opponent agree upon. Players will be assigned 5 opponents at random. Players will battle it out to determine their rank and be placed accordingly. Once your position is determined the top 8 players will be placed in a knock out bracket to determine best General.


3) Players failing to honor commitments for league games will forfeit that match. This will be decided by a league official, and final decisions cannot be changed.



1) Army lists are selected from any Games Workshop Codex


2) A copy of your army list must be submitted to a league official before the first official league day. Hard copies of army lists and digital copies are acceptable. Your army list must indicate the points paid for each option selected, as well as unit totals. Army lists can be submitted to leaguehammer@gmail.com


3) You are responsible for bringing a copy of your army list to every league day.


4) Armies must consist of no more than 2000pts (Strike Force). Army lists are fixed and will be used for the duration of the tournament.


5) Army composition:

-All Armies must be Battle-forged.

-Your Detachment is a prerequisite for your army.

-No more than 3 sources can be taken in an army. 


Tournament Points will be awarded in Two areas, Battle Score and Painting

Battle points scoring can be found in the Grand Tournament 2021 Mission Pack. Copies of this score will be provided to you at the store. 

Painting can be judged by a league official at any point before the end date. This will give you a few extra weeks if needed to put on those finishing touches. The main thing we want to see if that your army is finish. There will be a few extra points for technique and additional works but the bulk of the points will be awarded by simply having your army finished. 


Organizer: Mitchel Forget

Email: leaguehammer@gmail.com

Discord ID: Mitchman#4603